What Others have to Say

Here's what educators, parents and others have to say about the New Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum and New Youth Entrepreneur Interactive lessons.


From Ann M., High School Principal:

"As an administrator, I've wanted to add entrepreneurship to the curriculum for a while but could not afford to spend 70 dollars per textbook. This product allows us to offer entrepreneurship to all students for less than the cost of textbooks."

From Eric M. High School Career Teacher:

"NYE Interactive is a fantastic teaching tool. I can use it to reach all level students. Mr Bones is a great teaching assistant. The lessons are clear, entertaining and aligned to the  workbooks. "

From Carol Z., Church Volunteer:

"We finally found a way to get our members who work in the corporate and small business community involved with young people, NYE was the catalyst."


James T., Parent, Los Angeles, CA:

"After completing NYE Course, my daughter came home walking on air and announced that she and a partner had earned over $300 in less than 4 hours selling T-shirts and hats. I wish there was a course like this when I was in school!"



Myra J., School Counselor, New Jersey:

"I think I've seen a small miracle! My counselee has a speech defect and has been passive and almost totally mute in his school interactions. Tthe NYE animated lessons made it easy for him to learn. When he made some money, his self confidence grew tremendously - now he's very vocal."



Lindsay P., Reading Teacher:

"Reading and comprehension improve with every session. Having the animated lessons to support the my entrepreneurship course teaching is a great way to teach reading and math."

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