Here are ideas on how the New Youth Entrepreneur Interactive program can be effectively implemented in your organization.

Ideas For Schools

  • Use as business course curriculum
  • Place a copy in the school library
  • Use as course in life skills
  • Use to start student run school store
  • Use for special needs students
  • Use for advanced independent study course
  • As a career education course
  • As a supplement to vocational education curriculum
  • As basis of an intergenerational learning program for parents and their children
  • As a supplement to Future Business leaders club programs
  • As School to Careers programming

Ideas For Youth Organizations

  • After School Enrichment Program
  • A Summer"Employment" Program
  • As a supplement to or alternative to traditional mentoring program
  • As a delinquency prevention program
  • As basis of a partnership with local business community
  • As a alternative to recreation programs
  • As life skills course
  • As an organizational fundraising program

Ideas For Community Development Organizations
and Faith Based Organizations

  • As an alternative employment program
  • As youth led community development program
  • As an outreach tool for teens
  • As the basis of mentoring programs
  • As part of the youth ministry
  • As a summer enrichment program in business
  • As the basis of a business mentoring program
  • As an intergenerational program - parent -child businesses