Success Stories

"Excellent materials that help prepare students for productive, satisfying futures."

Source: High school business teachers attending
the National Business Education Association
(NBEA) training in the EDTEC curriculum

"Reading and comprehension improve with every session. There is no better way to teach reading and math than by teaching teens to start a business."

Source: L.P., a New Jersey reading teacher
who has incorporated the NYE curriculum
into her reading program

"After taking the Entrepreneurship course, my daughter came home walking on air and announced that she and a partner had earned over $300 in less than 4 hours selling Olympic T-shirts and caps. I wish there was a course like this when I was in school!"

Source: J.T. , the parent of a middle
school student, Los Angeles, CA

"I think I've seen a small miracle! My counselee has a speech defect and has been passive and almost totally mute in her school interactions. When she took the NYE Entrepreneurship course and made some money, her self confidence grew tremendously and she is now extremely vocal at school."

Source: M.J., school counselor,
New Jersey

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