Information Technology Services

EDTEC designs, implements, and maintains efficient and effective user-friendly technology based information collection and dissemination systems. Recognizing the Internet as an ideal medium for delivery of information and reporting functions, EDTEC employs cutting edge technologies to offer customized solutions for a variety of client information and management needs.

Data Collection Modeling: EDTEC develops both centralized and decentralized electronic information systems designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Data Warehousing: EDTEC offers a variety of data formats designed to support management decision making. Data warehouses are made up of multiple data systems that provide managers with flexible access to an assortment of data.

Dynamic Information Analysis: EDTEC designs flexible data analysis tools that allow dynamic and graphical reporting of warehoused data.

Electronic Dissemination: EDTEC offers a wide-variety of formats and options for flexible and instantaneous access to information.

Collaborative/Communicative Mechanism: EDTEC incorporates the use of white boards, electronic communications and shared data workgroups to contribute and extract information among others within or between organizations.

Knowledge-base Delivery: EDTEC designs and builds systems to manage a collection of information. These systems function as a dynamic clearinghouse for topical information.

Electronic Reporting Systems: EDTEC designs Internet-based applications that allow electronic submission of reports and updates to a central database. Electronic Reporting Systems give project managers the flexibility to manage incoming information within a versatile data system.