EDTEC was pleased to support the Global Peace Foundation by donating the acclaimed New Youth Entrepreneurs curriculum series for use by the youth of Africa.  Among other locations the curriculum was demonstrated at the Etafeni Youth trust Fit for Life Fit for Work Program in Nyanga township of South Africa. Development


Summary:  September 2012 Class


In September the Fit for Life Fit for Work Etafeni youth class in Nyanga  (including some prior Support Group members) were introduced to a condensed version of EDTEC entrepreneurship curricula covering topics such as:  introduction to entrepreneurship, business marketing, business operating factors, business plan development and technical assistance.   Students prepared sample business plans and in the final class (October 2) will be provided with resource/referral information on where to get further help.

There were approximately 15 students introduced to entrepreneurship from both classes, 10 students regularly participated (some went on job learnership interviews).   Seven students (approximately half the class) expressed strong entrepreneurship interest, a rather high percentage (while others are just focused on job placement.

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