EDTEC Partners with StartUp Africa

to bring Entrepreneurship Education to African Youth


EDTEC and StartUp Africa are working with the African Union to develop a customized entrepreneurship curriculum to African Students engaged in Vocational Training Program.

About StartUp Africa:

StartUpAfrica’s mission is to support young adults in the building of business skills and in endeavors that foster financial independence, create jobs, and grow African economies.


StartUpAfrica’s vision is for an Africa resplendent with big, bold business ideas. We are here to create and support Africa’s inventors, entrepreneurs, and future business leaders. We are here to empower Africa’s Henry Ford, Africa’s Vera Wang, Africa’s Bill Gates, and Africa’s next Manu Chandaria and Mo Ibrahim.


We become initial investors. We are “seed stage” and invest both in the business and the entrepreneur. We provide training, incubation, mentoring, and connections to emerging entrepreneurs. By providing these services, our goal is to enable our trainees walk out and start their businesses; in short, we are preparing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs today.

As these businesses grow, we grow. Their success begets the success of others. Over time, StartUpAfrica will seed and help grow hundreds of businesses, an impact in itself that will see unemployed youth being transformed into business owners who are employing others, and thus, economic empowerment and growth.

And success is not just an independent business, it is a strong and independent young adult. As we train and grow the networks of these young people, we are building skills and connections that will ensure their success for life, no matter what their path.


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